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SHIBUI is a collective of young designers and artists from all backgrounds specializing in the creation of franchise concepts.


You are the designer of a service or a product, your Shibui project manager will be responsible for designing the ecosystem around this product.

His work is broken down into two missions.

2 Missions



Identity Design

Our first mission is to design a solid identity for your brand. An identity that will attract your potential customers even before your services/products.

Interior Design


Our second mission consists of designing a pleasant, original and modern space that catches the eye, arouses curiosity and gives your visitors confidence.

P I C O N I 

PICONI is a renewal and a return to basics at the same time, a renewal through the ambitious idea of revolutionizing the way of eating Pizza, and a renewal through its return to the cradle of Pizza, the street!

This results in a visual identity strongly marked by street art as well as urban interiors.


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WeWork Left Bank

198 Avenue de France, 75013, Paris France

Tel: +33(0)175 366 315


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